Former Oneida County Independence Chairman John Dote sentenced to six months in jail


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The longtime Oneida County Independence Party Chairman, John Dote, was taken away in handcuffs Monday morning for stealing nearly $60,000 in Independence Party contributions.

New York State Supreme Court Judge Donald Cerio was brought in from Madison County to handle the entire year and a half court case, because of Dote's past political dealings with Oneida County Court judges.

Judge Cerio sentenced Dote to five years probation, with the first six months to be served in the Oneida County Correctional Facility.

As part of the sentence, Judge Cerio told Dote he was to have no political dealings while on probation for the next five years.

"You shall have no involvement with politics, electoral process, elected officials of government in any way," Judge Cerio said. "This includes no involvement or no association of any kind as or with offices, leadership, or candidates of any political party, including but not limited to providing advice, services, consulting or fund raising."

Dote took a plea deal and pleaded guilty to ten counts of a 27 count indictment. Those tens counts he pleaded guilty to included grand larceny, scheming to defraud , falsifying business records, perjury and money laundering, among others.

One other charge was criminal impersonating for pretending to be a Frankfort Police Officer in order to retrieve guns from the Whitestown Police Department.

When asked if he wished to say anything before sentencing, Dote declined.

Oneida County Assistance District Attorney Robert Bauer commented after the proceedings about the special condition of Dote's sentencing that he have no political dealings for the next five years while on probation.

"I think that is going to be his benefit," Bauer said. "And to the community's benefit in the long run."

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