Former Oneida County Legislator appears in court


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The former Oneida County Legislator who has been on the run from the law for the past four years is now back in New York State and faced an Oneida County Court judge in Utica on Monday morning.

Authorities say Ed Revere fled the area after getting arrested for a fifth DWI back in 2008. Revere refused to be extradited from the state of Georgia, so NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo had to get involved and sign what is known as a "Governor's Warrant" to make it happen.

Revere, 47, told Oneida County Court Judge Barry Donalty on Monday morning that he had been living in Canton, Georgia when the U.S. Marshall's Office finally caught up with him last week.

As an Oneida County Legislator from 1998 to 1999, Revere represented people living in New Hartford, Paris and Bridgewater.

On Monday, Revere's attorney, who is from Syracuse, was not able to be in court, so Judge Donalty rescheduled the proceedings until Tuesday morning.

Prosecutors say that Revere may have been able to escape state prison time in the past for his multiple DWIs, but not this time.

"There is a distinct possibility, he has a violation of probation and while on probation there was a new indictment, so generally that is the course that it takes," said Oneida County Assistant District Attorney Stacey Paolozzi.

Revere is scheduled to appear back in court Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m. on the violation of probation charge.

A separate court appearance is scheduled in front of Judge John Balzano Tuesday afternoon, where he will be officially arraigned on his fifth DWI charge.

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