Former Seafare Restaurant and Bowling Alley destroyed by fire


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - Whitesboro Fire Chief Peter Sobel says the building that use to house the popular Seafare Restaurant and Bowling Alley appears to be a total loss.

The burned building was a tough scene for Ryan Jones who grew up in the apartment there and whose grandfather once owned the Seafare Restaurant and Bowling Alley.

"It's where I learned how to bowl, it's where I learned how to tie my shoes," says Jones. "And where we're standing right now was my kindergarden bus stop."

The Main Street fire broke out around 11:30 Friday morning and burned throughout the day. Chief Sobel says the weather contributed to crews taking three hours to contain the fire.

"Heavy winds snow conditions, freezing hydrants, before you know it your hoses are covered in three inches of snow," says Chief Sobel.

At the time of the fire the building was home to a Department of Transportation Office, barbershop, and apartments. Leaving at least five people displaced and being assisted by the Red Cross according to Sobel, and a string of memories for others.

"Watching the video on, the flames pouring out of what used to be my porch was...emotional is an understatement it really is," says Jones.

The cause of the fire is still unknown but Chief Sobel says Whitesboro Fire Department will be back early Saturday morning to investigate.

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