Former Vernon Juvenile to begin state prison sentence


NEW YORK (WKTV) - A Vernon man is set to begin his sentence of 3.5 years in state prison, Wednesday.

Joseph Giacona III, 18, was arrested in February of this year, after State Police claim that he attempted to rob a woman at knife-point in New York City.

Giacona III was sentenced last week in a Manhattan court, and will remain in state prison until 2016.

This isn't the first time Giacona has had a major run-in with the law, however. In 2008, a then-13 year old Giacona III made local news by pleading guilty to 1st degree manslaughter for killing his father.

The young teen, at the time, admitted to shooting and killing his 37-year old father as he slept on the couch in the family's Vernon home. He claimed to have killed his father because of the fact that he was abusive.

Following the guilty plea, Giacona was placed in a Juvenile Detention Center in 2009.

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