Former Trooper indicted in fatal shooting of dog


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A former New York State Trooper has been indicted in the shooting death in August of a Utica man's German Shepherd.

Owner Bernard Sperfeld says he was suicidal after losing his beloved pet, "Shadow". Sperfeld says he watched in horror as retired trooper Tony Randazzo shot his dog right before his eyes at the Trenton Greenbelt Trails.

Sperfeld says Shadow's death came as an act of revenge - that he got into a verbal argument with a woman at the Trenton Greenbelt Trails the day before and that she said she had connections and would "take care of your dog."

Randazzo has told New York State Police that it was self defense; that he felt threatened, as the German Shepherd was not on a leash, and was running toward him.

Randazzo's attorney, Les Lewis, says his client loves animals and that he currently owns a German Shephard as well as a blind beagle.

Randazzo is due in Oneida County Court to be arraigned on two charges relating to animal cruelty; a felony and a misdemeanor.

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