Four drivers charged for ingnoring traffic controllers at 840 rollover accident

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - New Hartford Police responded to a two-car rollover accident on Route 840 Thursday evening just before 6:00 p.m.

49-year-old Lisa C. Doesburg of Amsterdam, New York attempted to make an illegal U-turn, forcing her to collide with car being driven by 20-year-old Francisca W. Sherman of New Hartford.

The force of the collision caused the Sherman car to roll over and skid on its side and roof, through the median and across three east-bound lanes.

Sherman was unable to exit her vehicle and was suffering from multiple injuries. Once freed from the wreckage, Sherman was transported to St. Elizabeth Medical Center for treatment.

Doesburg was uninjured.

During the process of freeing the injured motorist, investigating the accident, clearing the wreckage and debris, it was necessary to close the east-bound lanes of Route 840 between Commercial Drive and the North-South Arterial. The road was closed for about one hour.

Patrolman Patrick Sacco investigated the accident and issued Doesburg traffic tickets for making an unsafe lane change and for attempting to make an illegal U-turn. Doesburg will answer the charges in New Hartford Court at a later date.

Also assisting at the scene with traffic control were officers from the Oneida County Sheriff's Office and New York State Police.

In a related incident, four motorists were issued traffic tickets for ignoring the orders of police and firefighters who were controlling traffic at the scene.

After closing and blocking the highway during the investigation and clean up, four vehicles went around police vehicles used to close the roadway and continued to drive into the scene of the accident. The drivers of those four vehicles were issued tickets for failing to comply with a lawful order. The four drivers ticketed were:
" Kathy L. Brown, age 48 of Prospect
" Casey D. Logana, age 29 of North Syracuse
" Mansur Rafizadeh, age 81 of Forestport
" Patrick D. Comeskey, age 74 of Utica

All four will answer the charges in New Hartford Court at a later date.

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