Fourth of July in Springfield Center


SPRINGFIELD CENTER, N.Y. (WKTV) - There were tractors, horses, and patriotic music, all of the makings of a July 4th parade. Thousands of spectators of all ages dressed in red, white, and blue clapped and waved as the Springfield Center parade made its way down the streets.

The children's favorite part of the parade? Collecting the candy thrown off the floats. "I love running after all the candy," said Joshua George, parade spectator. "There is sour patch kids, lollipops, others too," said Addie George, parade spectator.

But as delicious as the candy tastes, we are reminded today that nothing is sweeter than our freedom. Freedom isn't free," said Joshua George, parade spectator. "A lot of people have worked hard and fought hard for what we have in this country and we have to be very careful we preserve it going forward."

"We teach our kids they can do everything in America because people have fought for our freedom before that," said Michael Connors.

Springfield Center's event is the second oldest continuously running parade in the country.

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