Friday the 13th a day of celebration at Colgate University


HAMILTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - Friday the 13th is not viewed with superstition and dread at Colgate University.  
Here, they embrace that date as a time to celebrate their history, dating back to the start of their very existence. 
"It's written in the history books that we were founded by 13 men with $13 and 13 prayers," says student Jarod Faber.
In addition, the school's address is 13 Oak Drive. The zip code is 13346.  The first two numbers ARE 13; the last three add up to 13.
So, if you've ever worked at or attended Colgate University, Friday the 13th is, "Colgate Day," a time to wear Colgate gear and celebrate the invisible thread that connects school staff, current and former students. 
Alumni send in pictures of the number 13 in various situations: restaurant receipts, a ski lift, and airplane altimeter at 13000 feet...those images were on display Friday in the admissions lobby. 
For a student like Manny Medina, who grew up with the usual Friday the 13th superstitions, embracing the formerly menacing date was weird at first.  But Medina's current enthusiasm for the concept far outweighs his former skepticism.
"Thirteen is supposed to be a bad number, some buildings even skip the 13th floor so it was very shell shocking to kind of see that but now I embrace it. I'm one of the biggest supporters of Colgate Day, I've been Facebooking it all week," says Medina, who expects his enthusiasm will only grow once he leaves the school.
"I'm gonna be much worse that these people over here. I'm already picturing having a little child in Colgate gear."
Student Sarah Chandler is a legacy; both of her parents attended Colgate, so she entered the school well aware of the Friday the 13th, "Colgate Day" tradition. She explains the invisible thread that connects all people who've been part of Colgate.

"I think it's really important to have traditions, things that are kind of passed down, that we can celebrate that make us excited about the school, that means something and I think Colgate is that. It really brings people together, the number 13, and I mean it's fantastic we were trending on twitter, everyone around campus, the number 13, it's one of those fun traditions that brings people together." 

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