Funding opportunity fuels local business in Herkimer County

By WKTV News

HERKIMER, N.Y. (WTKV) - Senator James Seward joined Assemblyman Marc Butler and other local officials Thursday to announce new funding opportunities to help small businesses thrive in Herkimer County.

As part of the State Economic Regional Development funding, $50,000 will go into the Herkimer County Small Business Revolving Fund.

Local businesses that have been established for at least a year with less than ten employees can apply for a share of the money.

The fund will help more than 15 businesses in the area.

"When a number companies adds a few employees the accumulative impact on the economy is huge," said Senator James Seward. "That's why as we look towards an economic development strategy for our future, we have to include a component to help our small business community."

Interested small businesses can apply for funding at

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