GRAND OPENING of Hop and Goblet on Genesee St.


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Hop and Goblet, a new specialty grocery store had their grand opening, Wednesday.

About a dozen people showed up to the location at 2007 Genesee Street in South Utica to watch the ribbon cutting.

The store offers a range of delights from local and international craft beer to items you may not find at your average grocery store such as special meats and cheeses.

There is a walk-in cooler and home brew supplies for beginners and pros.

The store is owned by a Utica father and son who hope to grow their inventory locally.

"There was nothing in this neighborhood or in Utica where you could just get craft beer, home brew supplied and we wanted to keep this neighborhood growing," said co-owner Colin Hubbell.

"I'm involved in the pub across the street and my buddy's parents own the coffee shop next door so hopefully it's just another good business in the south Utica uptown neighborhood."

The duo also created what they call a "passport club." Members get a card with world map locations.

Each time a member visits and tries a beer from around the world, the card gets stamped and the member gets purchasing incentives.

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