Game On! Oriskany Little League field is revamped and open for baseball


ORISKANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Oriskany Little League field is revamped and open for baseball.

The field was closed after last year's season ended due to the flood of 2013. The field was completely flooded, the dugouts lifted off the ground and the fence turned inside out. The Oriskany Little League board members didn't know if the field could be fixed based on its condition.

Fortunately, board members received support from the community and people around the country who heard their story helped out.  More than $75,000 was raised through fundraisers and donations, all of which went toward rebuilding the field.

"We rose beyond expectations," Shannon Shannon, a little league board member said, "We expected some make shift dug outs and a temporary concession stand, but with the help of the community we ended up with this."

The Oriskany Little League consists of 140 kids, a total of 12 teams, both major and minor league players who range from ages four to 11.

Phelan Shannon, an 11-year old major league player who is on the fire department team says she has played little league since she was a toddler, "We get to have fun with our friends," Shannon said. "It's not about winning or the competition, we're out here to do something fun with our friends."

The season kick off is Saturday, May 3. A parade kicks off the morning at 9a.m., followed by a ceremony at 10a.m. The first official game on the new field is at 11:30a.m. between the Oriskany Fire Department team versus the Holland Farms team.

There are a total of four games on Saturday.

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