Gov. Cuomo declares flood state of emergency


NEWPORT, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Heavy rains and melting snow led Gov. Cuomo's office to issue a Flood State of Emergency in several counties including Herkimer County.

The heavy rain Tuesday combined with the warm temperatures and melting snow have caused creeks to overflow.

The West Canada Creek is roaring, cresting and overflowing banks in Herkimer County. The water spilled over into parking areas and forced closures of roads and bridges. The Department of Transportation was out monitoring the Route 28 bridge outside of Poland which will be closed for the next 24 hours so crews can inspect its stability.

In Newport, residents who have been hit hard by past flooding aren't taking any chances and are guarding their homes with hundreds of sandbags. The Canal Corporation controls the amount of water released out of the Hinckley Reservoir, which reached its fourth highest level in history. In a statement to NEWSChannel 2 the Canal Corporation said they "Took early and appropriate steps to provide as much storage in Hinckley Reservoir in advance of the current flooding. Hinckley Reservoir has been at maximum discharge since April 10th."

But, Terry says it wasn't enough.

"We're just very disappointed that it keeps coming to this each year. They're hoarding the water instead of letting it out slowly, which would be understandable in July or August when there's a drought coming that you would hoard it, but this time of year you know there's water coming and snow in the woods, so it was just very stressful," said Fellows.

The water didn't reach their home, but Fellows says their sandbags are staying put.

The water is receding but the flood State of Emergency is still in effect. Gov. Cuomo's office says to stay alert, listen to emergency instructions and cooperate with local officials if needed.

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