Governor Cuomo signs newly passed budget

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The New York Legislature has passed a $140 billion election-year budget that expands pre-kindergarten statewide and provides tax relief to homeowners and corporations.

On Tuesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the budget. He noted that it's been nearly 40 years since four straight budgets were completed on time. In fact, the administration is calling this a grand slam.

Cuomo also noted that it was a joint effort to once again bring in a balanced budget and bring it on time.

"This four in a row is a symbol of a larger turnaround of government in general," said Cuomo. "The budget was also passed with overwhelming margins. In the Senate, it was nearly unanimous. The Assembly -- huge margins. It makes the point that this is a bipartisan plan for the state of New York."

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