Governor Cuomo visits SUNY IT to talk nano science, jobs


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Gov. Andrew Cuomo visited SUNY IT in Marcy on Thursday to announce an expansion to SUNY IT's Quad C project that is expected to make the facility a world leader in nanotechnology research and development.

The governor announced that six leading global technology companies, some CEOs of which joined the governor at SUNY IT on Thursday, are investing $1.5 billion in NANO UTICA - the state's second major hub of nanotechnology R & D.
"The industry has grown so large and we're now so dominant in the industry that we are now importing part of it to Utica and the next generation of nano will now be in Utica so it's very exciting and it's very real," said the governor.
The founder of one of those technology companies, Nanotechnology Solutions, talked about hiring.

"A significant number of advanced-degree people we need to part of the factory," said Hector de Jesus Ruiz. "You're talking about a significant number of very trained technical people, and that means people that probably have an associates degree."
The $125 million dollar Quad C complex currently under construction was expanded to accommodate the additional 1,000 jobs and financial commitment announced Thursday. 

Construction is still expected to be complete in late 2014, which is about the time hiring should begin. The governor says greater Utica and the Mohawk Valley should prepare for a transformation.
"The Albany economy has been transformed. housing values have gone up. It's really a totally different feel and it was this economic juggernaut of nano science and it's gone so well that there's more growth potential and we're now bringing it to Utica".

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