Grandfather searches for missing toddler who may be in Utica

By WKTV News

(WKTV) -  A heartbroken grandfather's desperate search for his missing granddaughter has led him cross-country from Arizona to Utica.

Enrique Campos' son, Eric Campos, has custody of 2 1/2-year old Isabellah Rose Campos.  He's continuing to work in Arizona while his father, who is authorized by an Arizona court to return the child there, spends his days waiting outside Oneida County Family Court, hoping for news about his granddaughter's whereabouts.

"This is our world. She's our princess and like I said, I will stay until I have to. I have over a year's worth of time of leave I can take, and I will use it if I have to," says Campos.

This all began Fourth of July weekend, when Campos says Kathleen Aubain, the girl's mother, didn't return the child to his son when she was supposed to.

The Campos family believes the child's mother drove the child cross-country to Utica because she has family here.

"They did drive from  Phoenix, Arizona, to here. They drove. And while they were driving, they were leaving a paper trail behind, and that's how we tracked them down," says Campos.

Now, Aubain is in the Oneida County Jail on violation of a family court order. And a grandfather waits in a prison of worry.

"My biggest concern is the well-being of my granddaughter -- where she's at.  Her mom is in jail right now. The grandmother that's supposed to have her does not have her. The baby's been in Arizona for two years, seven months. She's out here with complete strangers."

The Oneida County Sheriff's Department and Utica Police are involved.

"Our only role is to check for the welfare of the child, notify the authorities as to the whereabouts of the child," says Utica Police Chief Mark Williams.

If you think you've seen Isabellah Rose Campos or know where she is, call Utica Police at 735 3301 or the Oneida County Sheriff's Department at 736 0141.


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