Griffiss International Airport attracting new businesses


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - The idea of bringing more business to Griffiss International Airport in Rome has followed the success of MidAir USA, located at the airport.

Moving into renovated Hangar 782 brought William Moore's modifying and leasing airplane business more jobs and space.

"It allowed me to put another 65 employees onto my work force," says MidAir USA President William Moore.

"My shop here, you know, I need a lot of room for my equipment and welding to be separated from the other areas," says MidAir USA aircraft welder Don Packer. "We have a machine shop they need room to work."

Happy with the new space his business has utilized, Moore believes that renovating other hangars will only bring progress for the community.

"Sixty-five jobs, seventy-five jobs, plus all the amenities and materials you'd buy locally from vendors," Moore said. "These are the jobs the school is creating."

The new hangars are also creating jobs for graduates of MVCC's School of Aeronautics, as well as future jobs.

"Now with the nano-tech and all that stuff going on, I'm sure that's gonna' spark more things going on here at the airport," Packer said. "Executive jets and all that coming know...who knows? It's all gotta' be good."

MidAir USA says that capitalizing on the space and resources Central New York already has can create booming business for the area.

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