Gubernatorial candidate pays visit to Herkimer County

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - He may be a comedian, but he says his name on the gubernatorial ballot is no joke.

Randy Credico traveled upstate on Wednesday and made a stop in Little Falls.

Credico was arrested last week in the Bronx and charged with menacing a police officer. He is accused of videotaping officers at a subway station and menacing them with an umbrella.

During his stop in Little Falls, he told voters there's another Democrat on the ballot to consider. Credico says Gov. Andrew Cuomo is riding a wave of popularity, but that wave is on a shaky foundation. And Credico knows his audience in Herkimer County, saying he doesn't like the way Cuomo has conducted himself in office.

"Even though I'm a liberal -- I'm by far the most liberal person in the race -- I'm a strong opponent of the Safe Act," Credico said. "If I were governor, I would repeal the Safe Act. The way he put that through was not really necessary. But that's typical of his style, to just ram things down his way."

Credico is also pushing for a higher minimum wage. In 2010, Credico challenge U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer.

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