Hamilton Central students raffling items to pay for robot

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Under one tent at an auction in Bouckville, Hamilton High School students are on hand raffling off 14 expensive sporting good items.

The money raised will be used to help Hamilton High School purchase its own NAO robot. Right now, the school gets to use a robot owned by BOCES for two hours each week. It gives the computer science students the chance to program the robot, and they program it to help kids with autism.

"No one knew what an impact it made, and now everyone's really helping a lot," said Nicole Ganung, a student at Hamilton Central School. "I'm also doing other fundraisers for it, too."

Raffle tickets are $1 and all items in the raffle have been donated, some of which are valued at more than $1,500.

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