Hamlin delivers inspiring message to School for the Deaf graduates

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The New York State School for the Deaf's graduation Thursday in Rome may have featured a small class -- but it was a huge achievement.

Graduates Brian Borden and Robert Foland, both of the Syracuse area, turned their tassels and are now ready for the real world. They take with them some words of wisdom from keynote speaker Olympic Bronze Medalist Erin Hamlin.

"Anyone can do anything that they try," Hamlin said. "Obviously, it may be a little more challenging in certain aspects for these students, but at the same time, you know in this day and age, nothing should hold them back -- so as long as they know that and they know that they have every opportunity that everybody else does.

"I think it's a great message to send to them and encourage them to try anything they want to," she said.

The students signed the school song during Thursday's ceremony.

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