Hanna expects deal to be reached before U.S. goes over Fiscal Cliff

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WKTV) - With just two days before the nation hits the so-called Fiscal Cliff, Congressman Richard Hanna believes a last minute deal will be reached between the House and the Senate.

Congressman Hanna said, "I do believe there is a deal, I think we'll make the deadline. I don't think it's as big a deal as perhaps either side had hoped for."

Hanna told NEWSChannel 2 that these last minute negotiations are not the way to do business. Hanna said, "It's an interesting time to be in Congress. I'm 30 years in business and two years down there. I can tell you if I ran my business this way, I'd still be digging ditches by hand."

Hanna says besides tax cuts, a nine percent across the board program cut is also looming. He doesn't believe that will go through but if it does, that would mean thousands of job cuts here in New York State including some at DFAS in Rome and Rome Labs.

Congressman Hanna said, "They would have to go into their budget and find a way to cut enough to cover their percentage or allocation, and what they have mostly there is people, especially DFAS, so it would mean losing their jobs."

Hanna believes the Democratic controlled Senate and the Republican controlled House will come to a deal sometime on Monday, and he says the key piece to a compromise will be that some republicans, who have been so adamantly opposed to tax hikes on the very wealthy, will have to give in.

He said, "Part of the solution to satisfy the general population and move forward, I have always thought and said it for a year and a half now, will be raising marginal rates on the very wealthy, and no one wants to raise taxes, but it's part of what makes a solution, and it's part of what will make the two sides work together."

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