With election results close to an end, Hanna focusing on achieving his goals


DECISION 2010 (WKTV) - Richard Hanna told a room full of supporters Tuesday night that it has never been about him, rather the people of the 24th congressional district.

Hanna says winning the election was not the goal, rather an obstacle in the way of the goal.

Now it is time to turn to focusing on the goal for Hanna. He says the number one thing Congress needs to do is gain back the trust of the American people.

Hanna says breathing life back into the 24th Congressional district and helping to strengthen the country's economy are top priorities.

"I will do everything I can to make this job work as best as possible for everybody in this room, everyone in this district, and everyone in this country as my health and brain allow me to do," said Hanna Tuesday night. "I think I can add value, and that is my intent."

Hanna said he looks forward joining the other 50-plus Republicans who will be freshman congressmen come 2011. However, Hanna did stress Tuesday night that just because the GOP now has control of the House, that doesn't mean problems will easily get solved.

Hanna said he understands how important it will be for Republicans and Democrats to work together to solve the country's problems.

"I am not somebody who is going to go to Washington and demagogue, or pick sides," said Hanna. "I am interested in solutions and I am interested in growing our future."

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