Hanna sworn in as Congressman for 24th District

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WKTV) - There were 96 freshmen congressmen who were sworn into office on Wednesday.

Of those 96, 87 of them were republicans, including Richard Hanna, who will represent the 24th district here in New York for the next 2 years.

Hanna admits that's a tall task.

Wednesday marked the beginning of Richard Hanna's new life, as a United States Congressman.

"I am here to legislate, create solutions, look for the best ideas, wherever they come from," Hanna said. "That is my intention."

The former business owner in Barneveld is now faced with the challenge of living up to the hype he and his fellow GOP representatives created; coming through on campaign promises to cut spending and ease government control.

"I think they get it," Hanna said of his party. "I think they know they have six, eights months, maybe a year to show the American people that things have changed, and it is not the same old Washington."

Hanna says that despite his freshman label, his goal is to make decisions that positively impact the 11 counties he represents.

To help him get acclimated, he brought a little piece of home with him to Washington - some Saranac Root Beer. He says it's a small reminder of who will be impacted with each and every vote he makes.

"The job of this job is in the district," Hanna said. "I am not going to be able to grow our economy as well from down here as I can from up there. I don't expect that everybody will watch what I do and agree with it, actually quite the opposite. But I do want people to know I will do my best and they can believe what I say and I am here to work for them."

In Washington, Hanna will serve on two committees - the transportation committee and the education committee. That work actually starts Wednesday night, as the 112th congress will consider about a half dozen bills.

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