Hannaford kicks off program to fight hunger

By WKTV News

Hannaford Supermarkets is launching a program to help ensure those would ordinarily go without, get to enjoy a full meal this holiday season.

The Hannaford Helps Fight Hunger campaign goes to benefit the 13.3 percent of New York State residents who do have consistent access to all the nutritious food they need, according to a recently published U.S. Department of Agriculture report.

There are three possible ways to help the cause via Hannaford's program:

* Hannaford Helping Hands: Customers purchase a box of food staples for $10, and choose whether to have the box delivered to the local pantry or to donate it personally. As thanks for the donation, each customer receives a book containing more than $20 in coupons. Last year, Hannaford customers donated 75,000 Helping Hands boxes.

* Register Donation: From Dec. 2 through Dec. 31, customers may donate money to their state food bank, in $5 increments, right at the register. Last holiday season, Hannaford customers made $99,437 in register donations.

* Buy One, Give One: Starting Nov. 25 and going through Dec. 15, customers can trigger Hannaford donations to food banks by purchasing a particular product on specific days. For each item purchased, Hannaford will donate an identical product to the state or regional food bank. Last year, Hannaford donated 68,431 boxes of spaghetti, 40,542 cans of tuna and 35,164 cans of soup through this initiative.

There are 49 Hannaford stores throughout New York State and each individual store will determine which local food pantries it will support. The company says that stores compete with one another to encourage donations, and those supermarkets with the highest level of giving receive additional cash donations from Hannaford to be contributed locally.

Since 2008, the program has contributed a total of more than $3.5 million in food, customer cash gifts and Hannaford cash donations to local food pantries and food banks.

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