HealthFriends opens new location in Utica

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - HealthFriends has a new address in Utica, and it's not too far from the old location.

An open house was held Wednesday at 1119 Elm St. in Utica. HealthFriends provides prescription medication to uninsured individuals.

In the past 15 years, $4 million in medication has been given out through the agency -- and it doesnt look like the need is decreasing.

"I could show you the list of people who came yesterday," said Bob Kloster with HealthFriends. "We assisted eight clients. We provided four of them 16 prescription medications they could not afford, and perhaps would have gone without if not for our being here."

HealthFriends also offers assistance in Ilion and the Town of Webb.

To contact the Utica office, call 315-724-0988. The Ilion office is at Catholic Charities and can be reached at 574-0057. In the Town of Webb, call 369-6470.

For more information, visit

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