Heart health advice as holidays and winter weather set in

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Did you know fewer than one percent of U.S. adults meet the American Heart Association's goals for a heart healthy diet.

Even fewer children meet the criteria for a heart healthy diet. When the holidays approach, forget about it.

Local Cardiologist Dr. Mark Blaker gave us tips on keeping our hearts healthy as the holidays and cold weather set in around Central New York.

With fewer than a quarter of U.S. adults meeting the criteria for having enough exercise to keep our hearts healthy, most Central New Yorkers will still try to get out and shovel when the snow arrives.

Dr. Blaker says take it easy and slow to give your heart a break when shoveling.

He also touched on holiday eating, alcohol and taking medications during the hectic crunch between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, saying it's important to keep up with medications, and try to keep portion control in mind.

Lastly, Dr. Blaker says people with heart conditions should get a flu shot because they're more susceptible to developing further complications if they do get the flu.

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