Heartfelt reunion after woman reunited with dog after 16 months


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Tears were shed as a local Utica woman was reunited Wednesday with her dog after he had been missing for 16 months.

A little over a year ago, Christine Johnson had let her dog out for about five minutes in her backyard at her Utica home. That is when she said her Shetland sheepdog, Marshall, ran away.

Johnson and her friends searched the area for weeks, but had no luck.

That all changed Tuesday when Johnson received a call from the New Hartford Animal Hospital. Marshall had been found and a day later, the dog and his owner were reunited.

"I am speechless," said Johnson. "It's hard to believe I am looking at him and able to hold him. It's unbelievable."

Utica resident Jennifer Major-Denicola had found Marshall roaming around near Oriskany Boulevard Saturday.

She picked the dog up, took him home, and then called the New Hartford Animal Hospital when she saw Marshall was wearing a tag from there.

The veterinarian at the hospital caring for Marshall said it seems as if someone had taken the dog in for the past 16 months because he is now overweight.

Johnson believes it is a Christmas miracle that her and Marshall have been reunited at last.

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