Heat wave takes a toll on energy sources


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) – It’s the longest and worst heat wave of the summer and it’s taking a toll on energy sources. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is asking residents to cut back and conserve.

Electricity customers with National Grid set a record demand this week and state utilities are concerned about power outages.

“It is important to conserve energy especially when air conditioners are running 24/7 for several days and that puts a drain on the overall system,” said Oneida County Executive, Anthony Picente.

Some ways to save energy are to avoid cooking, bathing and doing laundry during the peak hours of the day. Keep your air conditioning at 78 degrees when at home and be sure to turn it off when you leave. Also, unplug your appliances because they use energy even when they’re not turned on.

Another way upstate New Yorkers are conserving and keeping cool is by going to air conditioned places like restaurants, the mall or even the movies.

“Usually it’s really busy on the weekends, but I work Wednesday night and it was busier than it would be usually for a Wednesday,” said an employee at the Marquee Cinemas in New Hartford.

“We usually go to the pool, but I think it was just a little too hot today so we thought, it’s always really cool at the movies,” said Chelsea Roy.

By using the energy at local businesses, it’s easier to cut back at home.

“It’s all group energy. It lowers your costs and it's there to be used anyway so it’s good for the economy,” said Maura Carlson, a movie goer.

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