Hennessy discusses his plan if elected to 47th Senate District

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - In the race for the 47th Senate District, Democratic candidate Mike Hennessy is outlining a four-point plan for economic recovery.
He held a news conference Thursday morning at the New York State Office Building in Utica where he said his goal is long-time growth and the creation of high-paying jobs.

In order to do that, Hennesy says if elected,  he'll eliminate the capital gains tax for two years, cut administrative costs in the state budget by six percent, and collect taxes from products sold by Native Americans to non-Native Americans.

Also, Hennessy said he wants newly-hired state workers to pay more into their health and pension benefits.

"It'll provide long-term economic growth," Hennessy said. "It provides the ability for our elderly people to keep their homes. It allows our kids away at college to come back home with good job opportunities."

Hennessy is running against Republican Incumbent Joe Griffo.

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