Hennessy discusses reform measures he'll support if elected

UTICA, N.Y. - Democratic Senate candidate Michael Hennessy held a news conference Wednesday morning in Utica.

He discussed reform measures he'll support if elected, which included:

Ethics Reform: A panel of non-office holders appointed by the legislature and the governor will convene to provide a written code of ethics for all elected officials and appointees to include full financial disclosure of all elected and appointed officials and their families. The panel will also present a standard code delineating the grounds for personal and public conduct.

Term Limits for All Elected Officials:
No elected may serve more than eight years in any one elected position. A formula for current officeholders whose tenure currently exceeds the eight-year limit will allow for continuation in office not to exceed four years.

Forfeiture of Pay for Late Budgets: For each day after April 1 of each year that no budget is in place, legislators will forfeit a dollar amount equal to one day's pay for each day the legislature is in session for that budget year. The same formula shall apply to the governor if he or she is late in submitting a budget.

Private Sector Oversight of Budget Process with Report Due by March 1 of Each Year: The legislature, in concert with the governor will be charged with appointing a panel of private financial experts who will examine budgets prior to passage of the budget. This panel will report in writing its opinions on the quality and the financial soundness of the particulars within the budget by March 1 of each year.

Hennesy in running for the 47th Senate District against Republican incumbent, Joseph Griffo.

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