Hennessy outlines plan for job growth if elected

MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Democratic candidate for State Senate, Michael Hennessy held a press conference Thursday, outlining his plan for stimulating job growth in the state.

"Today, I come out with a comprehensive plan trying to help create an environment that will be conducive to providing jobs to the future of this area," Hennessy said Thursday on the SUNYIT campus. "For not just for our children's sake, but our grandchildren's sake."

Hennessy outline his plan as follows:

  • Adopting Andrew Cuomo's plan to provide a $3,000 tax credit for each unemployed person who is hired by a New York State business employer.
  • Go beyond that proposal to make the incentive available to startups whose financial base is on solid ground.
  • Cuomo's plan includes a reference to the problem created by "our complicated and overly stringent business regulations." Hennessy says the codes need to be simplified and made reasonable so that employer are not looking over their shoulders each time they attempt to put a new idea to work.
  • Hennessy said New York should be a leader in alternative energy development by providing Research and Development tax breaks for businesses willing to invest in energy modification.
  • The Empire Zones and other dorms of development Projects have not produced the desired results, Hennessy said. He believes a re-working of the development plan must encourage a concerted, cooperative effort by municipalities that eliminates competition for the same development projects, but rather provides a basis whereby communities complement each other in their efforts to attract and develop business.
  • As a gesture to indicate to businesses that the state appreciates their importance, Hennessy proposed that the fees charged for the collection sales taxes should be eliminated.
  • Hennessy believes in supporting the efforts of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, saying the dairy farm dilemma must be addressed once and for all with the development of a price structure that farmers can live with.
  • He said he also believes that Andrew Cuomo's proposed plan to cap property taxes, which Hennessy believes will be an incentive that will provide businesses with additional resources with which to grow.

"From Massena to Utica, the unbelievable number of people in dire straits looking for jobs...those that are under-employed, those that are unemployed speak volumes about the needs of this local area," Hennessy said.

"The so-called jobs plan advanced by our  opponent is a scattered collection of pieces from proposals advanced by other people, including Senator Griffo's own efforts on behalf of our region," said Griffo spokesperson Rayan Aguam. "Senator Griffo has been working to reduce red tape by standing beside our businesses when they battle Albany. He helped secure power at low costs to help employers, proposed spending and tax caps to hold down the cost of government and proposed legislation to provide tax credits for job creation - all proposals rejected by our opponent's party. Anyone can create a plan by cutting and pasting the ideas of others. It takes the hard work and effectiveness Senator Griffo has shown to get results."

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