Herkimer BOCES students to learn to drive commercial dump truck

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Students at Herkimer BOCES will now have the opportunity to learn how to operate and drive a commercial dump truck, thanks to a donation by the Herkimer County Highway department.

It's the first time the school has been able to use this kind of vehicle, which not only benefits the students, but the school and the community as well.

Assistant Principal Harry Bosch says the truck has the potential to bring in more students and expand the natural resource program at BOCES. It's a class geared to prepare the students for the commercial driver's license test, making them eligible to drive a truck commercially.

"This is one more piece that they can put on their resume that ensures that they are more employable," Harry Bosch, assistant principal of BOCES, said. "Not only do they have a CDL license, but the potential employer will know that they were properly trained in the safety and maintenance of that truck.

Bosch says the students will have the chance to earn $25 an hour during their first year. The students must first pass a commercial driver's license permit test before they can begin to operate the dump truck. First, the students will spend between 30 to 40 hours in the classroom learning the basics of driving a commercial truck.


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