Herkimer Co. Historical Society digging up a piece of the past

By WKTV News

HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Herkimer County Historical Society is in its fourth week of an archaeological dig.
The people participating in the dig are searching for artifact that will show where Fort Dayton used to stand.
The Society has been raising money for years to afford hiring archaeologists to perform the dig, in order to find traces of the small fort that once stood on the grounds.
"Somewhere in this three block radius. From street to street to street, and that's where everybody is just so vague because they think Stanwix in size when it was actually as small as a house," said Phillip Creighton, a consultant on the project. "So hunting for that is the issue."
Before this dig, the fort, which was torn down in 1832 to make room for the Erie Canal, was just a distant memory in our nation's history, but this project has given new life to the past structure with no landmark.
"German palatines here in 1720, they ended up needing a fort for protection.and it was the 3rd New Jersey Regiment that came here to build the fort," said Herkimer County Historical Society Executive Director, Sue Perkins. "Colonel Elias Dayton was here at one point and after it was complete they named it after him."

These people on the dig said they will be here each weekend for as long as they can to learn more about this particular piece of our nation's history. 

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