Herkimer Co. Sheriff stresses safety amid drowning

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Herkimer County Sheriff wants to make sure that more precautions are being taken care of so that everybody can be safe on the West Canada Creek.
This comes in light of the death of Roger Keller, 48, a Newport man, who went missing after tubing on the Creek near Poland Friday night, and was found dead after drowning the next day.
State Police and the Herkimer County Sheriff both agree that this has been a dangerous area with respect to tubing and rafting because of the current in the water and the changing characteristics of the creek.
"It changes every time it floods, the characteristics of the creek change," said Sheriff Chris Farber. "There's undertows, there's whirlpools, there's debris in the creek, people get caught in it and can't escape. 
"Feet get wedged under the rocks and current pushes them into the creek, and they can drown they have to take safety precautions whenever they go out."

The Sheriff said it's always wise to wear a life jacket, even if you are just floating in a tube down the creek.  

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