Herkimer College freshmen move into dorms

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - You may have noticed your sharing local roads with some packed SUVs and out of state plates lately.

It's that time of year. Parents are moving their recent high school graduates out of the nest and into the dorm. Thursday was move-in day at Herkimer College.

The school was expecting about 420 of their estimated 1,100 freshman on Thursday. As parents brace themselves for their empty nest, the kids are bracing themselves for an equally big change.

"I'm going to probably cry when they all leave me," said Meghan Norton, an incoming freshman from Oneonta. "I'm really nervous about classes and where I'm going to go and everything like that."

Herkimer College is expecting a diverse incoming class, including students from 14 different countries.

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