Herkimer County BOCES students work to help cancer victims

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Students at Herkimer County BOCES are putting their heads and hearts together to create a public service announcement for children battling cancer.

The students adopted the KEYS Program as their citizenship project. KEYS provides musical outreach for children fighting cancer by creating what they call "heart packages."

Children get a musical instrument or an MP3 player to comfort them in their fight.

"It's important, because the children who are battling cancer can not fight it alone," said John Kraszewski, a student at Herkimer County BOCES. "So we are asking the community to donate $2 to be able to help them battle cancer."

You can purchase a heart-shaped sticker in memory of or in honor of someone with cancer by calling 315-363-6446 or by visiting

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