Herkimer County Legislature votes to stop admissions to Country Manor


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Herkimer County legislators recently voted 12-5 to stop accepting admissions to Country Manor, the adult home on Route 28.

County leaders say they're one of only three counties statewide that are still in the nursing home business and that all three are trying to get out of it.

The home is currently staffed for 40 residents. The legislature capped admissions at the current 31, even if that number shrinks. There are prospective buyers, and county officials say a recent study they commissioned indicates that the home would not be any more attractive to buyers if it were filled to capacity.

"Even if we had full capacity and full staffing, the Country Manor would continue to lose money," Board Chairman Vincent Bono. "It's just not geared up for that. Government doesn't do that right. We're one of three counties in the state that has an adult home like this. They're all losing money."

Country Manor is in Legislator Robert Schrader's district and he voted against halting admissions.

"I disagree with stopping admissions to Country manor at the present time," Schrader said. "We're budgeted and staffed for 40 residents; we should allow up to 40 residents until a sale is final, with the understanding that it could be a short term stay, as we are in negotiations to sell."

Bono says the county lost roughly half a million dollars operating the home this year.

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