Herkimer County Official: "This is our Katrina"


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Herkimer County felt the wrath of Mother Nature overnight Thursday to Friday and ever since county, state and emergency officials have been working hours to get the county back in order.

The first alarm call came in at 2 a.m on June 28 and it didn't take long before calls flooded the Herkimer County 911 center thereafter.

Vincent Bono, the Chairman of the County Legislature said that at 5 a.m he called a State of Emergency for Herkimer County.

Teams have spent all of Friday surveying the damage, with air units from the New York State Police circling the area, looking for damage and people in need of aid. Bono described the devastation as "our Katrina" and Herkimer County Sheriff Christopher Farber says the Commissioner of the Department of Homeland Security was in the area.

"It's important that they come and see the damage done here and see all the flooding we have," Sheriff Farber said. "It's important he see the damage; cars under water, buildings under water, roads washed out, bridges washed out. Its important because he's going to send a team down to help us assess all the damage for federal funding."

That federal funding will hopefully help with the clean-up of all the damage that has spread across the areas.

Sheriff Farber said that this storm and the flooding is actually worse than it was in 2006, calling the Thursday/Friday storm as being in a more condensed area, one that was more heavily populated.

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