Herkimer County Receives New Emergency Alert System


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Herkimer County resident's will be better alerted starting on Friday, June 7th as a new emergency alert notification system is implemented.

The old system being replaced allowed for emergency services to only notify four people at once via land-line. The updated software will be able to alert the entire county in a matter of seconds.

Resident's who sign up will receive alerts on the latest and breaking Herkimer county disaster relief, storms and even community events.

Robert Vandawalker, The Director of Emergency Services in Herkimer County says you can decide which way you want to receive the alert.

" It gives people the choice of how they can receive their alerts. This system can alert nine different ways through text messaging, telephone, cell, email, just a host of different ways it can alert you."

The new software will allow for a polling feature for the community, conference calls and even the attaching of documents.

Vandawalker says the polling feature will be helpful.

"We can also set up to poll people. If there was an incident... say a flooding incident and we were evacuating people we could actually send out an alert to ask people do you need sheltering press 1... press 2 if you don't need sheltering."

He also said the new and updated system is important for the county.

"It's important basically to get the word out...If you look at the shooting incident we had, if you look at the storms we had the other night... it would have been invaluable if it had been up and running at that time."

The only counties eligible to sign up are resident's in Herkimer and part of Hamilton county.

The system can also be used on an Android application allowing count officials to send you messages from the field so you're always informed.

To sign up for the Herkimer County Alert System you can visit Herkimer County Emergency Alert Program or at the Herkimer County Office Of Emergency Services.

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