Herkimer County lawmakers to vote on building their own septic system for county jail plan

HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Herkimer County lawmakers will vote on whether or not to build its own septic system as plans for a new county jail continues.

The county wants to put the jail on Route 28, the former Pharmhouse Plaza.

The county made an offer to the Village of Herkimer that would have allowed the jail to hook into the villages sewer system. The village denied the offer, made a counter offer, in which the county denied.

County Administrator James Wallace says that as of right now negotiations have broken down.

"I think you never say never," Wallace said. "I think we are always hopeful to be honest with you (the press)that we can access (to the village's sewer system) for the county and residents' (sake) and jail itself. It is better for us to enter into the system. However, if we can't enter into the public system, we need an alternative."

Wallace says the county will vote at its next meeting on whether or not to perform a study to see how much a new sewer system could cost the county.

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