Herkimer County officials continue to survey storm damage

(WKTV) - Herkimer County Sheriff Christopher Farber got down in the midst of things with the New York State Department of Transportation Saturday morning to make sure bridges and area roads were safe to re-open. That includes the bridge over the West Canada Creek in Middleville.

Even Middleville Village officials were walking the streets, talking to residents about how things have been going since the devastating flood waters took over three days ago.

Middleville Deputy Mayor Beverly Mower was one of those hitting the streets. He said, "We have a lot of devastation in the village to clean up."

Tara Carter, her mother and her two kids took a trip from Frankfort to Middleville Saturday morning to visit relatives, or were trying to. Carter said, "We're supposed to be going this way but the road's closed so we've got to turn around and go the long route." That route will add quite a few miles and she says that's not a good thing, especially with our gas prices.

Robert Vandawal, Herkimer County's Director of Emergency Services, says it's been a tough week for him, but feels lucky he is not the coordinator in counties in places like Alabama where hundreds of lives were lost.

Vandawal said, "In fact when the Weather Service came down to address the tornado issue, we discussed that and the patterns this year have been very active. We really feel bad for the people not only here, but more so for the people that have suffered loss of life down south."

Vandawal says recovery there and here is a multi-step process, ours is just much easier than down south. He says they are doing the inspection of the public services, such as bridges and roadways.

Come Monday, the private property assessment begins to determine if the county is eligible for state and federal aid. Vandawal said, "First thing Monday morning we start that assessment process and we do every town, every village in the county."

Vandawal says the bridge over the West Canada Creek in Poland also remains closed.

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