Herkimer County residents still grieving following Valley shootings


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Three weeks after the Herkimer and Mohawk shootings that killed four people, the Mohawk Valley community is still grieving with many residents still living in fear.

"People are telling me that they're hearing helicopters and they sort of startle," said Jill Farnham-Us, Champlain of Hospice and Palliative Care which covers Oneida, Herkimer and eastern Madison counties. "Hunting season hasn't started but right where I live in Herkimer the Fish and Game Club is having practice shooting and I hear the guns go off and there's a startle."

Farnham-Us says while the funerals, vigils and many benefits have passed it's now time to establish a new normal, what is sometimes a challenge.

"Because this isn't what's suppose to happen in Herkimer or Mohawk or any of these places, this is suppose to be where we come to be safe," said Franham-Us.

She suggests finding ways to connect with each other and not staying at home in fear, but going back into businesses you'd typically go to, even where some of the shootings took place.

"I've got to get my car wash so I'm probably going to go over to Garffey's tomorrow and getting my car wash so we've just got to find those things that bring us back to normal and connect us with those things that we're afraid of," said Franham-Us. "And remember that the fear is of something that has happened we don't have any indication it's going to happen again."

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