Herkimer Diamond Mines unveils Robotics Lodge

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Herkimer Diamond Mines unveiled the newest way to camp on Wednesday with the new Robotics Lodge.

SUNY Binghamton engineering students built the structure during their senior year, and, along with the Solar Lodge and the Astronomy Lodge, it's just one more way the Diamond Mines are incorporating a science lesson into your vacation.

"We have automatic hammocks ... a lift to go to a lodge, sensored lighting -- even a visual display where we blast the diamond mines with a little bit of dynamite in the wall, and from there, it turns to a finished piece of jewelry," said Renee Scialdo Schvat, owner of the Herkimer Mines Resort.

The walls are open so people can understand the mechanics of how the students assembled them. If interested in staying there, ask for the Professor Gadgets room.

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