Saturday, December 20, 2014

Herkimer Home Militia teaches children about America's past
By Spencer Davidson

DANUBE, N.Y (WKTV) - Colonial Kids Events allow children of the Mohawk Valley to learn what life was like for Americans at the dawn of the nation's creation.

Dressed in full uniforms, volunteer re-enactors teach children how the Revolutionary War was won, and that during a time before air conditioners or video games, America's main priority was about survival.

Colonial Kids Events, in conjunction with the Herkimer Home Milita, bring the future of America a fun, and valuable learning experience all summer long.

"I got into this because I was a kid and went to places like this and saw the re-enactors," said Emma Genarlli, a volunteer at the Colonial Children Days. "At least with the Civil War you have photographs to see what it was like. [With] the Revolutionary War, not so much."

The next Colonial Kids Event will be held on August 7 at 10 a.m, in which children will learn how to do felt crafting.

The event is for children ages 5-10. Admission is $1.