Herkimer Village Mayor says there is no need for the state to step in and take over control of the village finances


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - There was a newspaper article published on Monday talking about the Village of Herkimer and it possibly bringing in a state control board to take over finances. Mayor Ainsworth says that simply isn't the case.

Ainsworth says the only time the village talked about the state control board was during a meeting back in December. "What that was approximately two months ago at a village meeting, we had on the agenda, for informational purposes only, the control board," said Mayor Ainsworth at Monday night's Village Board Meeting. Mayor Ainsworth says the Village of Herkimer does not need the outside help.

So what exactly is a state control board? Mayor Ainsworth explains. "What a control board does is they basically come in and basically take over. The mayor and trustees still have our positions but they pretty much dictate how things are run. So if they decide that you have a police dept of 15 officers they have the capability. They can go in and look at contracts, get rid of contracts, where we don't have the capability to do. So they can basically take over things and run things the way they feel they ought to run . If they don't want to plow sidewalks anymore they won't plow sidewalks anymore. That's always the last alternative in any community is to have someone come in here and take over."

Ainsworth says the City of Buffalo has had to have a state control board come in for several years, but there is no need for that in the Village of Herkimer. He says the village would need to be at a point where it could not financially function before a state control board would be called in.

Meanwhile, Mayor Ainsworth says he is just starting to put together the budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year. The budget deadline is April 15th.

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