Herkimer residents respond to Governors announcement


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Locals are thrilled with the Governors announcement to award the flood of 2013 victims 16 million dollars of state aid, and they were more than happy to express their satisfaction.

Many Herkimer residents felt desperate, wondering what else could go wrong, after Fema's decision not to provide aid on the individual level. The Governor's announcement brought hope and happiness back into many locals hearts.

Renee Vogt, a Herkimer resident who had her finished basement destroyed and items ruined by the flood said she is happy with the Governors decision, "After listening to what the governor had to say today I am very excited for us and our neighbors who are hoping to get a little something back after having to pay for everything again."

Vogt wasn't the only one, Gary Hartman, a Herkimer resident as well as a Herkimer County Legislator said the state may still appeal the Fema ruling for individuals, "There's a few homes condemned so some of those people will be left without a home so hopefully the funding the governor announces to the assembly and senate goes through and be a big boost."

Both resident's recognize they wont be getting back all the money they put out after the storm, but said every little bit helps.

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