Herkimer runs exercise to practice in event of flooding


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - As recent events have proven, being prepared for any natural disaster is important and the Village of Herkimer knows they will be ready should a flood emergency arise.

The Flood Control Project involved village staff setting up an eight-foot wall made of aluminum underneath the thruway bridge to keep the Mohawk River from entering the village should the water rise above its banks.

Stephen Litwhiler of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation says the wall was set up and taken down all within an hour.

"They need to do this so they know everyone is familiar with how to put up the wall and that all pieces are fitting together and it will go smoothly in the event of an emergency," Litwhiler said.

The Department of Environmental Conservation and the Village of Herkimer planned this exercise in order to practice the quick assembly of the wall because the Village of Herkimer is prone to flooding.

The Public Works Department knows their responsibilities and may only have an hour notice should a flood emergency develop.

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