Herkimer streets deal with heavy localized flooding

By Joleen Ferris

Anxiety levels rose as rain fell -- heavy at times -- in Central New York today. 

Prospect and North Bellinger Streets in Herkimer quickly became covered in water.  So quickly, that by the time Daniel Humble realized he couldn't make it across, it was too late.

"I was driving and got caught up in the flood and my car got swept away," Humble said. "I had to stop and get my son out of the car and my girlfriend out of the car."

Some homeowners stood thigh-high in water, trying to unclog catch basins. Others put sandbags along the foundations of their homes. Property managers expressed frustration.

"This happens every time it rains for more than 20 minutes," said Allen Bouck, who manages around a dozen properties on and around Prospect Street.  It's going to be a dirty job Monday night.

"Well, me and my guys come out, pick up the trash that's always on the street, keep this area clean. It's an ongoing problem," says Bouck.

Police Chief Joseph Malone said flooding was localized and that flood waters receded nearly as quickly as they rose, once the rain stopped mid-afternoon.


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