Herkimer teen to compete for National Rodeo Queen title

By WKTV News

HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - A Herkimer teenager will be heading to Wyoming to compete in a national competition. Alyssa Volkmer was chosen as this year's New York High School Rodeo Association's "Rodeo Queen" and she will shoot for "National Rodeo Queen" next month.

The 17-year-old has been riding horses since the age of 9. We met up with her Wednesday afternoon at the Kast Hill Farm in Herkimer where she boards her horses.

Last year she was chosen as the "Rookie of the Year" but this year she competed for the queen title- and won. "I will be serving as a New York State Queen representing the entire State of New York. I will be doing the whole queen competition over again with a queen from every state competing against me," said Volkmer.

The process was four weeks long, on the weekends. Among other things, It included a horsemanship pattern, an interview and a two minute speech. "The topic was talk about your state your country or anything western. My title was 'Women in Rodeo: Past, Present and Future' and it goes into how people feel about how women don't play a major role in the sport but we actually do and we have transformed the sport into how it is today," said Volkmer.

Volkmer heads to Wyoming in July. "I know it's going to be tons of fun and I'm going to meet a ton of new people. I'm hoping to go out there and win, but I will do my best and represent New York in the best way possible."

You can catch her performing at Wild West Frogfest this weekend at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds in Frankfort.

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