Herkimer woman wins $1 million on scratch-off lottery ticket

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - A Herkimer woman who was given a scratch-off lottery ticket by her daughter as a Mother's Day present got a big surprise -- when the ticket was worth $1 million.

Sharon Kinney claimed her prize Friday at the lottery office in Schenectady. The ticket was purchased at Smoker Friendly in Herkimer.

Kinney was given two scratch-off tickets as a gift. On the first, she won $5. But it took some time before the Kinneys actually believed what they were seeing on the second ticket.

"I was running an errand," says John Kinney, Sharon's husband. "I come in, and she says, 'I got some good news for you, but you gotta sit down.' She showed me the ticket, and not being a lottery player -- she's the more active player -- I didn't know what to look at. I saw all these numbers and a jackpot. Guess we won."

"That was it," Sharon Kinney said.

Sharon Kinney decided to take a lump sum of her winnings, which is about $503,000, and she plans to buy her daughter as a car as a thank you.

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