Highest number of honors students in a decade graduate from Whitesboro

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Nearly 300 seniors from Whitesboro High School received their diplomas inside the Utica Memorial Auditorium.

This class was special, Principal Jeff Kuhn says, as they had the most high honor students in a decade.

Class President Ted Olney addressed his classmates for the final time, with a message he learned as a linebacker on the football team. Olney said, "On the football field, we had two sayings about the weather. First of which is you complain about the things you can't control. Besides teaching us to be prepared for the crazy weather that could occur, it taught us not to make excuses. Complaining about the heat won't make it colder. And complaining about the rain won't make it stop raining. The same is true for the mental storms in our lives. If we sit back and complain, our situations won't change."

The Whitesboro High School Wind Ensemble, senior chorus and band were part of the ceremony.

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